i'm waffling on my little burst of hope about jeremy scahill

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Maybe even Glenn a little too. I guess we're still going to have to wait another month or more until we start seeing the new face of their journalism, and I don't expect them to just turn on all their progressive-fascist friends all at once, but I guess the shine of the original moment of hearing about the new venture, about these people who couldn't bring themselves to sell all the way out to the establishment that was promising them superstardom, was really quite more optimistic than is prudent. I mean, an Oscar? And, despite a much more lucid position on the issues in general, he still talks as though 9/11 were a plot by people from the Middle East, and as though ordinary people from third world countries who plot to harm us are criminals at all.

Seriously. I am serious. Since when did men fighting to save themselves, their neighbors, their women and children become criminals, bad guys who should be tried instead of just misted by drones? Isn't he still saying that it's only awful because we mist innocent civilians along with the warriors trying to save those innocent civilians from us?

You can rationalize this by bringing up some blather about him going for the impossibility that seems the most attainable, but, pfeh. Why do people who want to deal in the real bother with any of this?