my hair is still too neat

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This is a terrible situation. I told her it was nigh perfect if we just cut off the long part. Well, she did more than just that. She cut off the long part, but then, obviously, she blended everything in too well... because, technically, that's still putting all my hair at different lengths. She won't be back at the salon until Wednesday, but if I have failed to make this chaotic enough, I'm going back for the more judicious snips that will bring about enough purposeful chaos.

Even if hardly anyone else ever has to look at me. Even if hardly anyone else who sees me knows me. Even if I were the only person on the planet. My hair needs to be a certain kind of chaotic or I just do not feel okay when not asleep. There's a reason for it! It has nothing to do with chictude or vanity. It has to do with invisible things. Power. Attitude. Correct transmission.

These are mandatory to my plans to fix everything... to fix me so I can set it all in motion.