it's not just accoustics

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Other kinds of waves also work. Electromagnetism also does it... basic magnetism. Heavier things. Even really heavy things. Gravity can be cancelled out around whatever you want to levitate. You should spend some time on the Hutchison Effect. And you should have been listening to all the stuff about the Nazi Bell I've posted over the years, or paying attention to Judy Wood about 9/11. I'm not making this stuff up.


Seriously. Notice the paper here. Remember all the paper flying around after the twin towers went away from around them? Remember the flipped cars? The cars that moved away without a driver? I'm serious. I am, like, so not kidding.


This is also why, since it also neutralizes radiation, I don't believe TEPCO, the Japanese government, our government, or any mainstream media source for all this caterwauling about Fukushima.

I will believe regular humans who have gone and measured for themselves. It's true there are very few of them, but all of them I have found have reported the radiation to be within normal background parameters. The one independent regular guy whose geiger counter registered high was the one not even thirty miles from a known leaking nukes dump off the California coast near San Francisco, and it was definitely not from Fukushima. There have been more regular guys measuring in Tokyo and even closer to Fukushima and none of them came up with abnormally high readings.

Honestly, don't you think more governments around the world would have made a very loud deal out of this before now if it were really so dire? Isn't that a RIDICULOUSLY paltry sum to have spent on the remediation thus far? Wouldn't TEPCO have curled up and died long since if they had actually been breaking their necks to contain something as outrageously out of control as we've been led to believe? Do you really think enough people at TEPCO and in all the governments of the world are so stupid or so suicidal they wouldn't have made a peep about this by now?



I am serious about finding sane people who don't lie.

This shit's gotta stop.