no, have the avocado for lunch

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I was, beside the owner of Sausalito, the Goddess of Sandwiches. I would have a BLAVOTCH [bacon, lettuce, avocado, onion, tomato, cheese] on sourdough for lunch from the fancy sandwich joint on the ground floor of our office building. My pants were getting too tight. I decided to lose ten pounds. I cut out the avocado. Pft. Done deal. Right away.

Still, what made it fattening was the mayonnaise and the bread. So now I'd eat that same sandwich without the mayo and bread, just wrap everything in the lettuce and Bob's yer uncle. Slim, healthy, not deprived, fit, detoxed.

Blogger has been acting up extremely badly for days and I think I'm going to shine y'all till later this evening or so. See if I'm better equipped to deal with it then.