too many weak-minded truthers will go along with him

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To be as generous as I can, here, James Corbett probably doesn't understand Thing One about the legal status of various types of corporations and other legal entities, so he probably doesn't even realize his pants are down around his ankles as he's smearing away here. And, remaining in my very most generous frame of mind, I'm sure Sibel thinks her NSA source is a darling who would never fuck with her, but it's pretty obvious to me that's exactly what has taken place, whether either of them are lucid enough to even suspect it.

I'm only just going to repeat that hoisting your sails on the 9/11 Truth mast and depriving anyone who won't do that with you of well-deserved solidarity is a lethal mistake, and unfortunately not just to the ones who make it. It is unutterably childish in a time when real grownups are mandatory to our wellbeing. It doesn't matter if it's the psychopaths stirring this pot, or just the fried egos of the idiots. That is no excuse.

Weak-minded. Petty. Baseless. Childish. Born of base envy. Possibly even meretricious. And anybody decent who yet doesn't understand, please, do some real homework to learn. Ask questions if yer lost. Far from suspecting Glenn of taking money to sell us out, I am beginning to believe the rumors about the small fry having begun taking it. I try not to, because that only leads to more fighting, psychedelic idiocy, obscene puerility and a complete departure from the kind of concentration needed to pull this out, but let's just say there are actually more indicators that the accusers have sold out than the accused.

Just note how many times Corbett resorts to citing the MSM on this shit... that oughta give you a start. Yeah, it really is risible to put all your faith in Amy Goodman's reporting, but, hey, waaaaay not as ludicrous as that which Corbett's citing here.