people really are horrified by the idea that everybody should have enough

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The outright genocidal notion that laziness, ambitionlessness, lack of productivity, whatever and so forth, should not be rewarded with the comfort of knowing one can take care of one's needs throughout one's life is ancient.

It's wrong. It's lethal. It is a despicable show of vanity. It underpins just about everything wrong in our world.

It's not new, but every generation acts as though it were. Few ever get the idea it should be transcended once and for all, let alone how to do it, let alone gets it done. Few see this fundamental error. Few can really absorb how this one mistake ruins everything for 99% of us, and has for millennia and will until we fix it.

I suggest you get on this, that you work this out of your own personality, and help others do it for themselves, before you put your energy behind overthrowing this 1%... because we can't avoid the next 1% any other way.