they know your heart will always prevail

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That is why they have to convince you that your head is the prime intelligence. That way they can make your hearts do what they want. You're going, say what? If you're in your head, your heart can only choose what your head gives it. Mindfucked, you will be forced to pick general concepts off the main point with which to pacify your heart. This is not good enough even for government work. Clearly.

The ancients droned on about master and servant... cart before the horse, mule riding you, wearing your shoes on your head, all manner of back asswards things, still drive people crazy with it. But the truth is your brain is supposed to be your servant, the horse that pulls your cart, the mule under you, your shoes... not you. The real you is right here, but slimed by ego, that sculpted metal composed wholly of thin air you keep insisting is you... pure delusion harder than steel. You have to put your computational skills in service of your knowing, your insight, your creative impulse pretty damn soon, switch back to natural before the total lockdown, or you're toast.

So I don't stop bringing it up. You know they are bad people. So why wouldn't you know how important it is to get free of their incessant mindfucking? Even if they were not hard at this evil imperative all day everyday and all night every night, you would still have needed to get your shoes on your feet and get your servants serving you. Your servants are your senses. There are six of them. The sixth one is your sense consciousness, better known as your mind. I prefer to call it my computational brain, because there is a big difference between mind and Mind.

The only thing we should rightly call mind is the one we are in when we are our truest selves, when we are not whoever our parents named us, not other than the view from our yards. That one doesn't drill for oil in the ocean or pristine wilderness, doesn't build nukes plants, doesn't slaughter people for control of their natural resources, doesn't do most of what we do to this earth and our fellows. It wouldn't settle for energy so crude and wouldn't even dream of killing anything except in defense of life... and, yes, eating comes under that heading. Just naturally. It doesn't need legislating.

Neither does that one set up false distinctions to avoid the necessity of confronting evil, even if killing will come of it. It all stops being of the nature of little galaxies of if/thens to sift and file and arrange and legislate and enact to make people act right. People simply act right. When they do not, it is dealt with and there is no confusion intervening recognition and disposition. All those people out there who cannot bear up under the pressure of all the variables? The ones who just want to be told what to do? The ones for whom no grey areas can be entertained without giving them migraines? This completely obviates those headaches. The actual is seen... is never not in sight.

The brain cannot dress it in all these idiotic delusions to avoid seeing the truth, to herd actuality into being something else. That's not its place. That is the butler coming in and informing the owner of the mansion to stay in his room because the staff is throwing a party... or a guest at your party telling you he's glad you came but now it's time for you to leave... hence the business of host and guest in Zen. I don't like host and guest as well as master and servant. Yes, it's good to be nice to your servants just as you are nice to your guests, and, yes, everybody out there insists they are the hosts when they are more like guest hosts, which is why host and guest works really well sometimes, but, essentially, all six of your senses are there to serve your life, not to run it.

Humans cannot stop bad guys until this is straightened out. One is not human if one will let bad guys harm sentient beings.