mlk's job isn't done yet

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Yesterday I discovered that progressive-fascists are smearing Cliven Bundy to distract from the real issue, to make us fall back to sleep and ignore the truth of the matter. I am so sick of the race crap going on in this country I could, and do regularly, scream.

It's over. I've no patience for it or understanding for it left. If blacks and whites are equals, which the vast majority of Americans seem to think is so, the old race card is a dead letter. Dead. Over. Done. Kaput. Pau. Fuck you.

There are a few despicable white morons who are yet full blown racists. So what. They're kooks. There are a few despicable black morons who are yet full blown racists. So what. They're kooks. The rest of the people playing the race card are trying to keep this wedge issue happening for personal gain. There are still too many of them, and they are not kooks. They are pigs.

This whole thing is now 100% a creature of the lie, and I have zero tolerance for it left. A bunch of my darker-skinned heroes have dropped into the void in my book because of this. Except for Stephen Colbert, I don't think I have any white heroes who are doing it. Colbert came sooooo close to undoing all my respect for him here. If not for a couple quick injections of reality in that bit, he'd be dead to me already. I may wake up any day now to find he actually is dead to me already.

It does not matter whether Cliven Bundy is a racist. That is completely beside the point. And a lot of black people are behind him on this, which is exactly right, as so well they, and we, should be. And, in point of fact, I have heard a lot of people wondering aloud if blacks were not better off when they were slaves than they are now when they are prison fodder. That isn't a racist thing to consider. There are a lot of, mostly, whites who are indeed down on blacks who won't work to be good citizens, but there are some pretty high level blacks who feel the same way, and every white person I snap at about this, invokes the black people doing it too... hollers at me that it's not a race thing, but too many blacks continue to try to make it a race thing... and that's just goddam true.

And I am done with it.