since i'm scaring myself to death with a bunch of purchases

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I thought I might'z well get some more thread for my sundry repairs and modifications on my clothes. I had a really good stock of darn cool embroidery threads but left them too long where the sun could get to them, leaving them not as cool by half.... This means I will soon be able to attach a great big lavender heart on the front of my black cotton Christmas sweater. I thought it didn't look enough like Christmas that I couldn't wear it the rest of the year, but... I was wrong... and now everybody thinks I'm so kooky... kookier than my kind of kooky... so I'm just going to cover over the red pickup truck with the green tree in the back... with lavender cotton/silk from the huge sweater I nearly burned off my body by leaning too far over the stove.

And I can sew up, darn, little holes and rips in my ancient sweaters and cover stains with embroidered hearts and stars... upgrade my favorite items again.

I'm going to have a lot of time for this action while I'm waiting to move again after my credit card cools off. Still, scary as spending money feels, I feel good about buying things from individuals with their own micro-businesses. I also bought some chocolate from a woman who makes chocolate without any poison in it and doesn't charge the completely outrageous prices for it that you see all over the place for such delicacies. In fact, it's getting so I go look on Etsy first before I buy anything I need. And I try mightily to buy only from stores in the United States.

That's not just to save shipping charges. That's because it's fucking hard to make a living here nowadays, and I want to help my countrymen as best I can. I heavily recommend you give this a try... whatever income level you are. You may be able to stop feeding the corporate monsters this way, or at least feed them less, and your brothers and sisters out there could use the help.