fulfordtude spreading like the blast wave of a nuke

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I felt Ben was telling the truth. I think Ben thought he was telling the truth. I think Ben eventually came to feel that, whether he was used or not, the income from subscribers covers the nut. Since he burst onto the scene with this Dragon Family stuff, the baton has passed through many hands, adding in more nuances of New Age interests as it goes along, but always somehow involving this Asian gold thing.

Fulford, Drake, Lisa Harrison, and now the thriving Gambles... with various and sundry persons appendage to each and a few I've missed in between, I'm sure, but you may get the picture anyway. The constant through these has been the avid fascination of New Age types. They are vexing to me because the two things you can depend on these people to leap on with utter abandon are airy-fairy spiritual phenomena and money. Bottomlessly greedy ninnies. They are legion, and if you want an immediately successful website, pander to them. Your bank account will thank you for it.

There are two trends that are bothering me quite a lot within this overall movement for truth, for dots connecting within our "national security state" — because everything we need to know is scrupulously being kept from us, and you can choose only between taking them on faith or swearing yourself to a lifetime of digging through their mountains of propaganda for scraps of actuality — and those seem to be that there is a vast array of already-identified ET races, all with a bead on our spiritual progress and that there is a group of wealthy Asians itching to fix our global predicament just as soon as the psychopaths are forced to climb back into their holes.

You can decide the psychopaths have righteous motives for their filthy maneuvers and make your investments of money and time in whatever you can discern might be safe in that. This is the safe and rich option where the brilliance of markets renders up the correct social order. Or you can decide they are psychopaths who are being neutralized for you by shadowy types with ninjas at their backs and a big payday in money and planetary renewal at the stroke of some continually postponed victory. This is the safe and rich option with space aliens cheering section.

Both take heavy advantage of the mechanism of your somnambulance.

Both offer heavy assurances you will not be responsible for what happens.

WTF is wrong with me? Why won't I pick one and dive in?

I could die secure in my vision of personal comfort and spend more time getting this disintegrating mass of former building materials clean, clean, clean, my clawfoot dangling in space before me as the virtue of my impeccable housekeeping spreads out to the cheering space aliens and softens the psychopaths' determination to kill me. I don't have to do anything dangerous! Or even think it. I can just pick between trusting psychopaths or depressed Asian oligarchs to render my tub to me, stay utterly safe and clean while I wait for decency to prevail... and... heck... nobody better educated to dazzle the crowds with sufficiently wuwu terminology than I am! What's wrong with me?

always and any time....