mendo world strikes again

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I do miss home something fierce. Never mind all my broken toes from the great Mendonesian dancers with abandon. Never mind that it might be ground zero for the types of idiots I was just describing hereinbelow. That's where my heart is.

We voted GMOs off our premises over a decade ago. Try not to think about the products on the grocery shelves, goddammit, because we're not having it despite appearances. Albion, the Great Albion Nation, hugely to lesbian, is/was a "transition town", one of the very first, and maybe one of the first to lose its website, it being impossible to keep a united front there over anything, anything at all. Activists in Point Arena, were, I think, either the very first or among the very first to scream chemtrails into our consciousness. We drive undesirables to Sacramento for free to keep our criminal justice system mellow. The whole county, but particularly the coastal half, being the matrix of hipnecktude for the entire world.

Well, fuck you, Jerry and Barry, we're going to run our county without your malign influence now, and ignore the products on the grocery shelves, goddammit, it isn't what it looks like. We are going to have it our way whether you like it or not, whether that's ever actual or not, whether we ever get the truth or not, whether you send troops or keep ignoring us.

always and any time....