the ones trying hardest to wake up

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Are not, it pains me to recognize, the liberals... the vaunted progressives... the fascist "left". I can not tell for sure what's real and what's Memorex on this issue anymore. I just know that even if the global warming thing is right, it's still being used to fuck us over royally. There are nothing but gangsters in charge of the entirety of Western "Civilization" and, so long as that's true, we are not mere idiots to follow them. No. We are dangerous idiots.

I have been paying close attention. Even when it like to turn my stomach, I make myself attend, and the truth is: In general, conservatives are trying harder to wake up than liberals... not anywhere nearly as lazy and much more likely to be there for you in a real emergency. Some of you, I know, do know how difficult this is for me to admit. It's the damn truth. Ain't nothin' prettier, even when it's ugly.

You better pay attention.

always and any time....