from the nefarium

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Comes another theory worth bringing up. I don't think one should omit the Booz Allen Hamilton executive onboard that flight. It may very well be a message sent, but I am dirt certain that there is an insider opposition formed and reforming and recovering from each blow, that the psychopaths are killing the insiders who are helping to avert WIII, helping to avert their outright lock on global control.

And I place almost no faith in what they say was on that box. There's some reason to believe it because it was retrieved by European authorities, but the psychopaths aren't all Americans. They have no allegiance to any flag. They have no allegiance to humanity. They could have packed a mangled Hollywood black box onboard easy peasy and remote controlled it into the mountain. Not altogether mandatory to have a mind controlled co-pilot.

They might've even helped it along with a bomb, if what Joseph is saying about the number of pieces is true. If the whole thing was powderized, we could be suspecting help from the private physics tech, here, but maybe just a bomb-assisted crash, and it most certainly was an act of terrorism, just not of the poor beleaguered Muslim stripe.

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