tony rides to our rescue again

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You need a coil of copper wire, about a foot's worth, some PURE aspirin, and some distilled water. Easy.

Vet supply places sell bulk pure aspirin powder for mixing in pet and livestock feed. Something like ten bucks a pound. Easy. Also easy to find online, but it's probably at the local feed store too. Copper wire should be at the hardware store. Easy. Distilled water is at most grocery stores in gallon jugs. Easy.

You put two or three grams of aspirin and the copper wire in a glass jar and pour in the distilled water, however much, and set it in a pan of water on the stove, bring to a slow boil for however many hours it takes to turn the water in the jar blue/green, not forgetting that the pan water will need topping up along the way.

Then you take a half to one teaspoon of it two or three times a day.

It SERIOUSLY helps people with arthritis. It is effective against cancer. It's good for your nerves. It reduces or eliminates anxiety.

Helps when applied topically to places with arthritic pain.

If yer poor, you still have options. An initial investment of not even twenny bucks will keep you happening for a loooong time, and turn you into Harry Styles or Kristin Stewart inside a week or two. I haven't pried that script away from Tony yet, and his list is better than this one, but... well... you get the idea.