i ran off to conspire with a bunch of maniacs last summer

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This twit showed up to interview speakers. It rankled me at the time. I did not, and do not, like how the bliss ninnies and ufo nuts took to the terminology, or how charlatans were bandying it about as though they owned it. I did not like the name of that conference. I did not like a lot of the wuwu that, despite all efforts, made it into our midst anyway.

I wanted the serious people, who were onto the serious evidence, to stand up and help further our understanding of what has been increasingly evident is way more like actual than is put out for public consumption. Good thing I was so addled by love rays I could not muster my inner harridan or there might've been trouble on the spot.

So. Now. Nearly a year later. Some crucial bits from the most serious parts of our conspiracy in San Mateo last summer have been weaved into yet another outright incoherent and brain-bendingly intricate cosmology and presented to us by someone whose expression in English, even after 35 years of it, leaves everything to be desired.

How convenient.

How utterly predictable.

How who-do-I-kill because no one ever listens to me, and lethally ill-motivated jackasses keep proliferating no matter how loudly I bellow. Why can't they ever seem to keep it in mind? Why does it always slip away? Or was it that they could not grok it in the first place? Am I here?

always and any time....