i'm having a steak tonight

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But I'm doing the lemonade fast again, starting tomorrow. I made it three days easy last time, and this time I'm going for five. Monday through Friday.

I modified it. I do more lemons and less maple syrup in really strong green tea, and I just make sure I'm sipping away at it every few minutes from when I get up to when I get in bed. I lick a bit of mined sea salt at least once a day to keep minerals happening and help the cells exchange toxins for clean moisture.

In addition to cleansing the system and losing weight, this gives the pancreas a rest too.

I was really afraid the first time, but it was not hard at all. A few times I caught myself getting up to grab some food, but turning around and coming back to my lemonade made me forget it each time. I stopped after three days, but I could've gone longer. I wasn't at all uncomfortable or dreaming of delicious things to eat. So I'm hoping five days will be as easy.

always and any time....