proof of human devolution

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They're making a big stink about this guy's archery... think he's a fake. Here he is admitting how good he isn't while defending his glorious viral video about a new [old] archery. It riles me that he has to do it.


You fucks. Just get out there where you can't hurt anybody and start shooting so fast you don't even have time to aim and, once you are physically proficient enough, you are going to be gobsmacked by how many times you never miss. Your BRAIN is smarter than YOU are. It doesn't need to line things up.

Same with pool. Same with basketball and golf and baseball and ANY activity involving precision interaction with the physical world. I'm SERIOUS. Go win some stuffed animals at the carnival... or go out and shoot dinner... just, whatever you do, don't aim! Let your brain see the target and then throw or shoot... PERIOD. It's not even about speed, though it is good for that. It's about accuracy. Unerring accuracy.

Best to just close your eyes in the beginning. Let your brain see the target. Close your eyes. Shoot. Then open your eyes. After you are confident this works you don't have to bother with the closing your eyes part. You are comfortable with simply seeing and not looking.

Don't give me any shit. Can you drive a car? Then you already know I'm right.

The world out there? You interact best with it seeing and not looking. You look at it when you're not having to function in it. The world in here? Best to stop everything and look... to end up being someone who really sees.

I don't know if we're getting this stupid and feeble and snarky because kids are locked up with the tv or computer or having their short term memory drilled in class, instead of out in the world, in nature, and engaging with it, or because we have been brainwashed into believing that the bookish nerds were the smart ones all along, but CLEARLY something has to be done about it.

We become more like the billiard-ball-brained sheep the psychopaths act as though they're dealing with every day! Perfect! Just perfect! Some human-shaped lizards from another dimension start mindfucking us into cooperating with their imperatives and over the course of a few decades they've succeeded in convincing us we're not functional except within a very narrow scope — and we are now consciously trying to "perform" down to this standard and making certain our kids do too — one optimal for executing menial and other rote tasks... only. Breathtaking! Awesome!

They've been so successful we almost universally call this "progress".

always and any time....