i know they're supposed to be the enemy

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But often they bring up really good points and we should be interacting with them instead of treating them like enemies. No. Really. For how long have humans been propagandized to regard a specified human or group of them as not human at all? Since time immemorial, that's how long. NO other way to get humans to go out and kill or be killed in the service of some regal fuck who wants MORE.

Think of Henry Kissinger. Think of what he views as vital national interests, and think of 58,220 mostly conscripted Americans who died in Vietnam behind that noise... let alone the hundreds of thousands, nay, millions who paid that way since. Have you been listening to Dan Carlin about this shit?

He doesn't bring this up, but he describes what this ancient mindfuck has wrought already, and what it already is and well might increasingly be wreaking in the near future. You stone cold can't get people to kill other people for your pipeline or gold or glory if you don't propagandize the living snot out of them... if they haven't been brought up in a soup of long ingrained propaganda onto which more never ceases to be heaped.

You gotta switch on our tribal instincts and get them flowing harder than adrenaline in a near death escape... so hard we don't even realize we're not fighting an enemy off our families and friends... merely dying to force more profit into unfit hands.

So, you teach yourself to stop thinking of others as the enemy unless they really ARE the enemy... the enemy propagandizing you to kill for them.

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