the only globalism i'd support

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Is the one where every citizen of every country has the ultimately high top secret clearance for every aspect of their government, one wherein nothing of government whatsoever was secret, and any payment or threat to induce any sort of secrecy would be punishable by death, to both sides of either arrangement... and not some drawn out agony of a death either. Immediate execution.

I realized this when I was ten.

Has it EVER crossed your mind that letting the government keep secrets for decades or for ever has absolutely NO redeeming aspect about it? Some glib fuck will pipe up about ignorance being bliss, but ignorance is suffering and ignorance is death, and while some can't even mechanically grok reality, enough of us can and should not shirk it if we imagine ourselves decent humans who are not killers.

I'm serious.

Do you wonder why they treat us like cattle? Or even plastic soldiers... not even as valuable as cattle? This would be why. I don't care how long it's been going on. IT'S WRONG. It should stop.

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