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It seems, here, that Vladimir Putin is not letting any grass grow under his feet about bringing up the next generation in a strong and free Russia. This, when I get the wherewithal to confirm it or get a better understanding of it, means he is not making the same mistake too many other statesmen have made. He's thinking of the welfare of the Russian People into the future beyond him, not just waiting on some slick politicians to be groping their way up the ladder to swallow up and shit out his lifetime of very hard work.

Very hard and impeccably executed work.

I don't even know if Rafael Correa got that done... maybe a wobbly placeholder here and there. I'm pretty sure Chavez failed to get the infrastructure for tomorrow into strong enough shape to withstand the cyclone from the psychopaths. I don't know how well even Fidel and Raul have done. I know Gaddafi was doing too well. Even Saddam, in his own remorseless way. And I do not think enough people recognize the spiritual wisdom of the ayatollahs, or the brilliance of Ahmadinejad, who seem to be steering Iran out of the maelstrom and into a strong and healthy future. I was ambivalent about Assad until the psychopaths started screaming about "regime change", which pretty much makes him a LOT nicer than anyone thought by default. Poor Dilma. Down in flames.

So many villainized so extremely by the psychopaths everyone has to at least allow for the possibility that their only lethally "rotten" attribute has been to defy the psychopaths and act for their countrymen. But abounding all of it is the transcendental good sense and good will and good statesmanship of Vladimir Putin.

And he has not just kept it all for Russia and Russia alone. His foreign policy seems to be almost exclusively about making friends and good business with everyone in the world. Sigh. Wouldn't that be heaven? Just to even dream for a night that we had anyone in power doing that?

Plus, do not ever forget what I have been insisting for a decade. He has done more to stave off or render impossible WWIII than any man or woman alive. The price has been too heavy to try to think about and yet he keeps going in the right direction.


Except... now it's official. Tom Petty is gone.


Okay, it's now Tuesday evening. I've had some sleep and some food and further straightened out the chaos around me, so I started checking on the Fort Russ link. Everything I found about the dismissals and the replacements appointed by Putin was cast in the negative light that Putin is trying to stack the deck for ultimate support for his re-election next March.

Heavy sigh.

The media and these eternally depressing Russia "analysts" would be spending this time bitching about how he's still tolerating corruption in oblast governments. Now that he seems to be doing something seriously positive about the ongoing problems, to the extent that they may actually have been a tenth as oppressive and detrimental as has been traditionally claimed, they're chalking it up to dictatorly cheating.

When I think about my need for people of good will I feel like the classic lost in the desert and out of water cartoon... which isn't in real life cartoonish at all.

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