i've had a very rough day

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And, though I spent most of it in Crescent City, where it was cool and breezy, it was much warmer here and warmer than that inland... with the dreaded northeastern winds. Inciweb is back up, but without a current map and the last one showed only the burning edge that faces into a state park behind Brookings.

I'm not exactly mollified. I saw many pretty wisps of smoke a couple nights ago in the sunset from the grocery store parking lot, and that means all those hotspots that were on the map before they just mystically disappeared, are still smoldering or burning actively, just not on the fire map.
Strong east to northeast winds will develop late tonight into Tuesday morning. Expect strongest winds over the higher elevations and ridges with possible gusts up to 40 mph. Relative Humidity recoveries will be moderate to good. A warming and drying trend will begin Tuesday and continue through Friday. Expect moderate to locally poor Relative Humidity recoveries Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, and afternoon Relative Humidity's around 15 to 25 percent in most areas.
Fed speak. It means conditions are just dandy for the fire to whip back up.

Still, every day the chances get less that it will reach here... but maybe not so good still for the Winchuck drainage, and not very good for the parklands it's licking at now either, depending on how easterly the wind dips.


My document was not ready until the very last minute and I did not get a good chance to go over it before it had to be in the overnight pouch for UPS or miss my deadline. I decided my nerves were frayed enough and I will look at what I've done to myself tomorrow.

While having to wait on the whims of a local judge before getting this handled, I got a chance to go plead with the cable company to give me a goddam break because it's seriously unhealthy to have to eat popcorn... and found out I can have my old email back, which is a mixed blessing and took up a lot more of my already shot nerves... and then I went to the pharmacy and asked them to get MY natural thyroid pills from one of their branches in a bigger city because while the company is expanding to handle demands they're only able to fill some of their bigger clients' orders.

It costs me more than three times as much to get a lesser brand... and the synthetic shit, the only stuff my insurance will pay for, is even more than that, beside not only not working on me anymore at all but actually making it worse! The local people told me they couldn't do that, but that maybe I could, that I could order it from one of their stores in the big population areas and get it through the mail... maybe. I'm going to try that.


I got an appointment for new spark plugs for my car, but, of course, he wants me there by 10am and my hair appointment down the street isn't until 5pm. Maybe I can spend the day in the law library. If my brain won't work, the librarian is very soothingly kind. Endlessly patient, and maybe that nutty woman who's fighting some environmental battle who helped me last time will be there to kick my butt and make me nostalgic again.


Then I went back and finally got to talk with the harried and beleaguered ace who's had the heart to help me with my sticking point, and then trundled everything off to The Mail Room with a big old five minutes to spare!

If I needed any food or anything else, I still don't know about it and it's too late now.


Got home to mad declarations of adoration from my handsome young PTSD veteran, married with children, boyfriend, and had to work it out with him how this goes without me having to cut him off... and a nifty little gift from jo6... when my attention finally turned to the frivolous business of this day in history.

That's when the fake news about Tom Petty smacked me in the face like an all pointy tidal wave that got me splat in the kisser. Over the hours since, I've had a chance to think about it, and if the news of his death was false, the news of him revived at the scene and rushed to the hospital only to be found brain dead and be unplugged from life support is as likely to be false.

It just might be true that he had a massive heart attack, they got him in time to bring him back to this planet, and after a rough go of it in intensive care, he will slowly recover. He's due for his 67th birthday later this month, and that's just too fucking young.

If the brain dead part was right, though, this could be worse for everyone, but these days all media and officialdom are off their fuckin' rockers and it can only serve to make living here worse.


Of course, the country's inflamed over the whole Las Vegas thing... right back at each other's throats over politics of lifestyle, and calling each other heinous names. All I have to say is that the videos of the scene, while it was going down, last night were the real thing, the number of concert-goers and number of victims has been too wildly inflated to dredge my sunken wish to believe them from the deep.

And the point about ISIS taking responsibility and so swiftly afterward this completely outta nowhere drip with lefty leanings being named the sole culprit is DEFINITE cause to blunt your credulity. I know, I know, you can't say so to anyone. They're too busy wringing their hands about the awfulness of this day, the worst in our history, the poor families, yada, yada, yada, and it not like I don't despise the deaths and injuries of however many. It's just that the horse shit is completely out of control.

I try to remind myself that psychopaths are the most dangerous when their backs are to the wall, but I would like to fix this now. If the buddhas insist on making me mild enough and tough enough to handle my desperately needed ability to wield a cosmic slap, I will accept whatever it takes.

pipe up any time....