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After all the blather, all the PR outlets for Janeway and Fussbudget — the "experts" — yammering full time to pull the bliss ninnies out of others' coffers, we get someone who very carefully outlines plain sense... with no ulterior motives.


The voice so quiet behind my too busy mind was telling me, and then kept getting louder, until I was not able to ignore it or foist it off another second. The ulterior motives. I did not want them to have ulterior motives.

They have ulterior motives.

Tough shit whether I want people with IQs with whom to interact. I want people with no ulterior motives — good people — in my life. Not charlatans who are only a bit less hokey than most.

This woman just gave you the straight dope that thousands and thousands of people have paid outrageous sums to go investigate for themselves, unerringly ending up finding it was all mere entertainment... at best... and she gave it to you for free.

pipe up any time....