the other way outside the box

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I rarely listen to this podcast anymore, but do check to see once in a while if there's anyone on I want to hear. This is the long version and the short version. Two and a half hours — if you skip over the introduction and snap it off at the outro — or just twenty minutes. You can pick.

Or do both or neither. But it's a great trip to listen to Bruce Damer. He's the real Liminalist. He's the guy who took the whole ecological catastrophe to the same place Derrick Jensen does, but instead of melting down, he took it into the complete opposite direction. We won't preserve our habitat, so we have to help it move off planet.

He's a mystical materialist. A shaman of techno-woo. A flippin' genius the Darwinians adore. NOT boring. Still not well-enough integrated, if he will persist inhabiting that threshold, but NOT boring... and not cranky, not hypnotized or amped out of his skull on polemics, on the insanity gripping our globe.

pipe up any time....