maybe it's not stupidity

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So much as it's stultifyingly witless heedlessness. I mean, people who just gobble up weaponized media reports and align with them really should be referred to as "cognitive dissidents". It sort of covers it in a really contrary, infuriatingly unhelpful, way.

Along with the obtuse insistence on misspelling "whoa" online, and the screaming crazy-making habit of using the word "phenomena" in the singular, comes the affront of people unable to keep the term "cognitive dissonance" straight in their mouths, even if maybe they grok the term itself.

Maybe if I were not trying to shave down the labels around here I could create one called "grammar nazi" for every time I lose my shit about this stuff, and another called "cognitive dissidents" for every time I lose my shit over moral cowardice and intellectual dishonesty and inactivist braggarts and charlatans daring to hold forth on topics best left to lucid adult humans.

pipe up any time....