under the assumption that people can learn

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And having so recently witnessed James Corbett FINALLY swearing off the ruse of the envious eyelash batter running a "news" site, or anything like it, deciding to endure his obvious addiction to sounding authoritative, I am listening to what he has to say again... provisionally.

Well, now I decided to check in on The Saker again, too. I dismissed him a few years ago because the jackass kept holding fast to the notion of the bumbling idiots in DC failing to avert catastrophes all over the world, and in that instance The Ukraine, were to blame for all the death and destruction instead of them just plain wittingly causing it. The pusillanimity and bottomless dishonesty inhering that stance makes me so angry I want to vaporize anyone taking it.

So I vaporized him.

This morning I decided to endure him talking with Bonnie, and... well... it sounds as though he doesn't think it's just bumbling idiot bureaucrats at fault anymore. Maybe someone enough more respectable than me slapped him around while I wasn't looking.

So, I will endure him a little again now to see if he's actually manned up.

pipe up any time....