well, that was fast

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I was reading last night that Raul was set to step down as president sometime in the next couple weeks, and, I guess that's technically true, but faster'n I thought. I was looking around last night for good pictures to use for when Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez officially took the presidency of Cuba, but, well, jo6 just sprung it on me early.

I know for sure Fidel and Raul will have done a better job picking good successors than Hugo did. I still hope Maduro pulls himself together, but he has been a big letdown. Though, I'm sure Chávez could not have imagined how his death would drain the courage from so many of his compatriots, leaving poor Maduro with so little moral support... still... guy's not savvy enough by parsecs and it's really, really depressing.

Much as I honor it when righties point out the epic slaughter-fests of communist or socialist experiments, I have hope that these will succeed, will show there is a way everyone can have enough and it does not take a murdering dictatorship to run socialism anymore than it takes one to run capitalism... that whatever monetary policy, murdering dictatorships should be abandoned forever... not merely propaganda stories used as good lies that murdering dictators use to mobilize people to go kill or be killed by anyone standing in their way to global domination.

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