a new link to admiral janeway's best work

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It's got a lot of typos, but much easier to read/reread than at the original site, and it remains the single work that explains why most people never get ahead, even when they think they are making smart investments. Further, it explains why the quality of life MUST continue spiraling downward or there are no rich people anymore.

Lort knows I respected her greatly for this work, and even baffled by her continued insistence that money is a good thing, a tool, I tried on seeing things her way. I still can't decide if she truly does not see the gaping flaw in her crusade, or if she sees it fine and likes how virtuous it makes her seem. She even tells a story about a whole room full of churchgoers who voted to keep the narco dollars flowing over the resulting disintegration of their retirement plans into insolvency from stopping the flow of drug trafficking profits.

Undaunted, or maybe daunted but unhindered, she soldiers on insisting on her 100% Popsicle Index towns handling capitalism correctly when there is NO way they could be maintained even if they could be attained. She even admits those kind of towns become targets for pillage before they ever reach the 100% mark.

Does she not hear herself? Or is she really just basking in the glory of her transcendent understanding of huge monetary flows and all the awed admiration it garners? I feel as though I failed her because I never managed to show her how those very flows can be flushed back into thin air at need or whim by those who might be held to account somehow, and are, that, yes, a very great deal of it goes to maintaining pushbutton revolutionaries everywhere with paperwork galaxies of NGOs funneling large sums with Sorosian conceit, and ultra-black projects in certain discrete spots, but the multiples of trillions more than Global Domestic Product actually revert to thin air, not recoverable by human beings.


And actually might be for the best since disappearing money is the only way to leave open the remote possibility humans might ever transcend our greed and start doing right by each other instead of squandering our lives in service to psychopaths.

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