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As I was writing the last post I was wondering where the heck I'd found this piece yesterday so I could include it as some sort of tangent that gets to something like the main point, only filling in some blanks that you might need to help clear the fog of finances enough to get the main point. Couldn't think of it or find it, and all the while it was waiting down in my dock.

I don't know. I truly don't like how much redundant pontificating goes on in the complicated system of pipes... want to keep up, but wish to also keep from being bogged down by what amounts to nearly ceaseless opining on the same subjects, the same problems, the same concepts inculcated in each of us so long since that we can't even remember their first appearances in our meat heads, so, well, then, I'm attending to personal and home hygiene today and only really feel like reminding you that monetary systems of any ilk lead to dictatorship no matter which way you slice it.

The way back to a golden age is when the "economy" is in things like sweat equity and moral fibre and generosity and heartfelt wish for the safety and happiness of all sentient beings and talent and competence and transcendent leadership qualities and a feeling of abundance for everyone... the soul-warming habit of giving.

You know, sort of like a pack of wolves or a pod of orca or a herd of elk or a troop of monkeys only even more bountiful in spirit and artistry and enjoyment... human... plain old true human.

pipe up any time....