i'm encrypted now

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If you want to use that feature, whatever that feature might actually be. I don't know why it makes a difference to have pages answer only to https instead of http, but maybe you do and want to use it. Now you can. I don't want to make it so it's only https because people's bookmarks and feed readers might go four up on 'em. So, just, now you have the option.

I know it was late coming. They left those of us with our own domain names to dead last and I forgot about checking to see what was what for I have no idea how long. I looked at the stats the other day, too, and there seem to be quite more of you now.

I'm sorry I'm so heedless about this sort of stuff, and sorry I don't do search engine optimized labels and post titles. I'm just weird about wanting people whose karma blows them in here and not all the blog politicking and mentioning people so that searches for them will pull me up on the engines.

I kept Tony and Volodya, but others are under more subdued headings. My desire to marry Norman Finkelstein still brings people here and my love/hate pontificating on Michael Tsarion... even still sometimes people come here to find out that "Adepto 'er Perfectus" means Get 'er Done in perverted Latin. But in the main, nothing brings you here but the buddhas of the ten directions and you might not like it, but it's your karma.

Yeah, it's a pain in the ass to find older posts you might have wanted to spend some time on. I really AM sorry about that, but, if it's any "consolation", it's not just YouBube nixing videos out from under my links right and left, or people being banned from their TwitFace accounts so a link here makes you none the wiser, it's also news agencies putting their stuff behind paywalls and disappearing them from public access, from the blogs that linked them, and the keepers of the official line disappear shit so you don't get to find out about important things, let alone prove them.

I mean, probably over half my posts lead nowhere anymore... keep thinking I should go through and nix the posts that are outright meaningless from all this unscrupulousness having its way with the complicated system of pipes, but... sigh... if it happens to you here, you know it wasn't me.

It's VERY hard to keep the internet your friend nowadays. So maybe the encryption helps a tad? I hope. Anyway, thanks for your eyeprints and I hope you have an engaging time of it here. Any issues and you're not comfortable with the email, you know, I hear you can make disposable email accounts now, if you want to remain anonymous or evade imaginary spam pesteration, an evil and immoral cake of which I never partake anyway. Just, bottom line, you can reach me safely if you want to.

pipe up any time....