headaches are from low magnesium

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Crikey, I feel so senile. I heard this and swore to myself to remember it, but forgot, of course. I keep bitching about shit falling out of my brain, like, worse than people much older than I am, but people who do know about this sort of thing assure me it's not my age. It's stress. I'm sure the daily battle against short attention span theater from too much time online isn't helping either.

Anyway, MAGNESIUM. And a really good way to make sure you don't get too low on it, beside eating more or taking pills, is to bathe in epsom salts. It soaks into your skin. You gotta have enough of that for many reasons. It's a mandatory electrolyte, like salt and potassium, but it also helps detox you and it helps with sleep, and it makes headaches not caused by trauma go away.

I don't know how it does with headaches caused by allergies and sinus problems, but those can be dealt with by antihistamines and/or killing off the bad gut biota. When you've got mostly good bugs and few bad ones running amok in yer guts, your sinus headaches disappear. The only exception is when you are breathing allergens or toxins straight... which is not as common as gut dysbiosis, except in areas where there is killer grass pollen and non-native pine pollen... mainly the San Francisco Bay Area... and those nail just about everybody.

It's particularly bad in Marin, and that might be largely due to my ancestors from the Azores. First the logger barons moved in and cut down almost every redwood in Marin, and then the dairymen moved in to take advantage of the luscious perennial grasses left behind. That did not turn out well.

They'd blown up most of the redwood stumps to make perfect pastures that maximized the milk and meat production, but doing that, of course, killed the perennial grass and necessitated the import of annual grass. This was of a type that is highly allergenic and some people even blame it for the increased breast cancer rates there, but it definitely makes most people miserable when its pollen is blowing around.

And, speaking of blowing around, this catastrophe of forever disappeared native trees and grasses also made the dairymen long for windbreaks to stop themselves from being blown down while out doing their dairymen things. So they planted the dread eucalyptus and Japanese pine everywhere because these trees grow ultra-fast. A few were sensible enough to use poplar or dutch elm, but mostly it was the rapist pollen factory pines and toxic oils eucalyptus, near which nothing can grow, and BOTH these trees EXPLODE when they burn because their sap is probably strong enough to fuel your car.

So. You want to think about keeping enough magnesium going into your body for a million reasons, headaches not the least of them. Write this down.

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