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I only want to link it because it doesn't matter even the subject, although, it is "presidential" as heck, but I'm really back here right now, about to drop from a nap, I think, to ask again, do you think The Donald had anything to do with this?

See, I don't. I think they haven't killed him because he's letting them run the military, and he's letting them run the military because they'll kill him if he doesn't. That IS what I think.

I don't think he'll get anything like full constitutional control back in the presidency unless he succeeds in busting Nosbaracktu and Hilldawg. So lucky for me I have this feeling about why the elfin AG has not been fired, innit?

He damn well IS responsible for this, and I approve heavily, but, meanwhile, maybe even as I'm napping, if I am successful at it, all the obsessed politicos of the country are holding their breaths for a big Friday evening drop I don't think will be anywhere near as big as they'll make it out to be, if it happens at all.

Maybe that sounds jaded. Fine.

pipe up any time....