in case you haven't noticed

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I am using a lot of images from back in the modernist age, back when identity politics was a counter-cultural mode of chic and pretty much the entirety of the nightlife of all the important capitol cities in the West... until WWII pretty much finished it off... think of the movie Cabaret if you're still confused.

WWII and McCarthyism pretty much finished off Marxism for a couple decades, so the faithful needed a new approach to taking over the world. POSTmodernism. NEOmarxism. Married. And drilled into our kids at university for decades... at GREAT expense to the victims.

It's about power. Only. THAT is what brought us the despicable display over the Kavanaugh nomination, and that is what brought us the young harpy who did this.

The flaw in all this brainless power madness is that it has been harnessed by people who mean these idiots worse than no good. They mean harm to them, harm to us all.

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