rain is coming

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Everyone is thrilled, but also nervous, because it's not much and it's coming with thunderstorms. Still, it was way too warm here for the last week. Only eased up a bit the last couple days and, since I told my garden to fuck off during my ordeal, I know it's happy about it for sure.


Later this same day: Something got wet and a transformer blew — LOUDLY — and dispositively. Simultaneous explosion and blackout. The only thing that kept me from being certain it was my own circuit box instead of something out in the street or power station, so loud was this stupid electrical disaster, was the fact that nothing fell off a shelf or wall when my house was rattling.

Pacific Power got right on it, and it was only not even a couple hours of my body going to my computer for information and having to go out into my car to find out the time, before printer and refrigerator and desk light notified me I could settle back down.

I mean, I haven't yet, but theoretically all has been restored to normal.

Seriously, a whole new layer of enthwartation has been added to the all-American power outage since I was a young person. I was in the middle of thinking up the best way to bug out for refuge from the cruelty of my circumstances when everything blew, and so then I was trying to cope with my conundrum by jotting things down, but no amount of poising myself for jotting could unblock the range of unhappy prospects.

I guess, at least, now I don't have to go make it worse by getting something to eat at a restaurant. That's a break, isn't it? Yeah, that's a break.

pipe up any time....