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I admit it makes me angrier when it's a woman, but that is because I know how much better we ought to be able to do, but the only relief for me from the utterly ludicrous "leadership" of Theresa May is the fact that she's doing it to Britain, instead of the United States. And it's really only cold comfort because so much of her worst has been very, very bad for us.

Take the baldfaced lies about the Skripals/Novichok affair... the OBVIOUS race to pin another murderous perfidy on Putin and whip up sentiment to back bombing the crap out of Syria for yet another only alleged and disproven chemical attack.

I have to remind you: The psychopaths operate internationally. Just because, yes, they've been in near perfect control of our country, government, political parties, "grassroots" movements, NGOs, media, military, THEY'RE NOT AMERICANS. They're psychopaths, which means they have no country and you only have anything because they haven't taken it all from you yet.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, but we at least have at long last a big bozo with stupid hair and bad taste whose heart is in the right place. That's actually the biggest break we've gotten in decades.

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