it was a bad night

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I think the cheap hamburger was a little closer to going off than I realized, and I was up just a few hours after falling asleep, making trip after miserable trip to the toilet. I reckon I finally fell safely back to sleep at the precise moment the sun rose.

It just struck me to be tedious again about The Owners, The Big Club we ain't in, ask you to listen to George again carefully, minutely, completely. We're right in the middle of having to be for Kavanaugh's confirmation if we give a shit about the constitution. It doesn't matter if we are worried he's too conservative, that perceived steps forward might go backward, that he's another fucking frat boy preppie all grown up to do The Owners' bidding. That lying bitch unAmerican piece of shit thing professor is also doing The Owners' bidding, FORCING us to cheer for Kavanaugh joining the Supremes.

And I will cheer for it.

Forcing us, also, to cling to hope that our big bozo will help drive out the most perfidious of the perfidious fucks of no particular national or ideological or religious allegiance but to themselves alone who have taken away our constitution in everything but name and a couple frayed loose ends.

For some reason I can't completely suss, it seems as urgent to all The Owners to keep us convinced Israel is THE culprit... Zionists, Jews, The Chosen, whatever. Only fanatics have any real conviction about that shit.

The members of The Big Club will appear to be anything it serves them to appear to be. They'll switch even lineages to maintain their power. So whatever it is making both sides cling to that noise, it's NOT for Jews or any religious conviction. That much is perfectly clear, except to people still desperately trying to identify someone to fight, to hate, to keep from facing the stark naked reality, and, whatever it is, a very big part of it is destabilization of nations... not oil or even installing tin pot dictators.

The more hot heads you make hungry, the easier it is to recruit them for your ends.

It seems to come down to keeping sovereign nation states or mooting them with a front man global president and a shadowy emperor we may never be able to identify. The Big Club may be at odds with each other, but leave us not fantasize even a victory by the less egregious of the factions will be a walk in the park, will be ANYTHING like Martin's Dream.

You get to pick between all of us on the rez, like the Stalinist USSR or Maoist China, only global, the planet where spirits get eaten, and something akin to our classical notions of functioning societies.

That is what all this outrageous political noise conceals.

Don't die an idiot.

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