i know i just said i wasn't falling for it

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But either there's a cabal of mindfuckers who have been reading my blog for a few years, or I might have just fallen into the Q Continuum. I might spring back out, but suddenly it's much less oblique and linking us to specifics that help make sense out of current events. I think the crowning blow was a picture of Sessions with his right hand raised with the simple caption "PAIN" [possession, authentication, integrity, non-repudiation], which is code used in cyber security, and, yes, we are ready to see PAIN.

I don't think that subpoena was forged, and it felt immediately highly consequential. It felt the same way it felt when I first heard, over a decade ago, Mike Malloy talking with Webster Tarpley [mp3 here, Tarpley comes on at minute 35, but the specific spot comes up around 1:21 and runs through to the next break, stuff Granny Fussbudget also loves to spout, without crediting Tarpley, BTW]. The facts about what was happening in Florida on 9/11 suddenly spilled into my ears, stuff NOBODY else was talking about, if they even KNEW about it. It got Malloy fired from Air America.

This is why I may have just lost a big chunk of my skeptiquism.

Which means I am now going to have to pay attention... which was too damn big a headache early on. Maybe I'm fortified better now. Or maybe it's not quite so heinously oblique with quite so many long-winded jackasses guessing. Whatever. I'm going to pay more attention now, or maybe something very big will happen very soon to obviate the need for it.

Or maybe it will go back to being too weird or wrong-feeling and I will hiss and spit about it. Mayhap the buddhas will give me a dream to reconcile this and it won't even be more than a blip.

pipe up any time....