just caught the last of collins' speech

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But what I heard of it was darn reasonable and true. I don't want to be ignoring my sisters' desperate pleas against Kavanaugh, but they're not based on any defensible reality, and so many have disgraced womanhood over this and over the election that it will be an even bigger disgrace to womanhood if he is not confirmed.

Her point about search algorithms was pristine. The internet is worsening the human vulnerability to confirmation bias, and weakness toward conforming to peer pressure. It is contributing greatly to the most radically divisive political atmosphere in our history, and regressing our society to a morally crushing extent for those of us who worked so hard to beat racism and sexism.


But postmodernism became the order in universities across the nation over the last more than three decades, the capper for the dumbing down in grade schools and high schools so oft-lamented. It has produced adults who openly defy reason and intelligence in ludicrous displays to cow others into wishing to do anything so long as it shuts them up. Tantrums.

Adult tantrums. In public. And earsplitting as any kid in history.

I revile it. I despise it. It is so far opposite to lucid my organs try to curdle just thinking about it.

I was not kidding when I started referring to "progressives" as "progressive-fascists". The word "irony" doesn't even cover it. The stark reality of people acting just like Brown Shirts against conservatives they call "fascist" is way worse than mere irony. It can't be ironed. It has crossed over into worse than absurd and ironic. It blinks neon that "liberals" are being used to force totalitarianism down our throats.

Old Uncle Dave has been droning "BOTA" [bring on the asteroid] for nearly twenty-five years, and I have been telling him that's the wimp's way out for nearly as many, but, truly, maybe a mass bucket of ice water to The People might be the best remedy.

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