worth a thousand words

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And more than just indicating a phone present, it should be remembered that these fancy ass brain suckers everyone's carrying around also record sound pretty darn well. I mean, yeah, who needs more than the picture, right? But we know there are people who might need it coming into their ears.

I think this little nudge from the mystery entity is part and parcel of the growing general mis/perception that this entire monster hissy fit over the Kavanaugh confirmation has NOT been about liberal values in the way we're trained to default assume, but has been about stopping the needed SCOTUS vote to prosecute the psychopaths and their moles... to keep Jeff Sessions from coming forth to Red October Surprise them right out from under their rocks for the whole world to see.

It IS too good to be true. So entirely plausible to find risible. Except the idea of this mysterious 8chan stuff being needed to keep the base energized and engaged usefully for elections also begins to seem a little overwrought when you really sit down and have a think on it. Conservatives and patriots are not bereft of facility surfing the complicated system of pipes, but the vast majority of them do not live here, have jobs and families and friends and neighbors and congregations taking up a lot of their time. This just isn't a good strategy to use on them... only net denizens.

Though I grant enough of those can get through to the others.

There is the matter of someone we all knew to be a good man being dismissed early on for a bullshit reason, almost as though it were planned by maybe even not the other side. There is the matter of Jeff Sessions anomalously being attacked by all sides and staying church mouse and staunchly Attorney General. You might swallow the notion that it is the cantankerous partisan bullshit out of the Democratic party going to prevent his replacement being confirmed, but there have always been ways around that.

Let that sink in.

The fantasy is that Kavanaugh will be confirmed tomorrow and the arrests will begin on Sunday... so as to avoid an undue display during business hours.

Here is where we default to cynicism to keep our dignity... but we are reminded that "Red October" has more than one meaning.


Oh, very weird. I think they're reading my blog and playing tricks on me. Look what I just saw on a TwitFace feed. Fine, fine. I took one for the team and listened to the VP speech. Whatever, dudes, but this malarkey with the lower lip out about how unfair and bullying China is grosses me out, okay? Sounds like the progressive-fascists.

pipe up any time....