i might be senile

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And I've never been clear on the parliamentary system, let alone Germany's in particular, but it seems the pundits are at least as unclear as I am. Or my clarity that keeps being subverted by all their opinions and fuzzy logic is as lucid as it ever was, and they're just filling the pipes with memory foam.

I don't know. As I mentioned yesterday, the headlines are not making sense, making more nonsense than usual, suddenly. It came on the heels of getting something like serious sleep, so maybe I had a stroke... or we need to count sphinxes again.

She's not seeking reelection as head of her party in December — this December — but planning on staying chancellor until the next general election, which is in 2021 — AND not running for any EU office either. People think she's going to be ousted much sooner than 2021, but I think she figured out the best possible way for the currently dwindling majority to reposition itself so as to recover from the damage done by globalist imperatives over the last 13 years.

I thought she did a decent job, most of the time, bucking them where she could. I remain unable to believe her concordance with them was in any wise voluntary unless you count the fact of her desire to stay Chancellor. Sorry. The whole refugee thing was beyond the pale out of character, and I can't seem to figure out an excuse for it more lucid than she was flat out forced on pain of death or untenable mayhem to do it.

She has walked the "classical liberal" line between labor and management and presided over maybe the strongest economy, in all senses, in the world over the course of her chancellorship. University for undergraduates is free in Germany. Universal healthcare seems to pretty much split the pain between labor and management, and leaves government out of medical decisions... maybe also the insurers to some extent.

It seems to have been an ultimately fair-minded and prudent term of office, with the blaring exceptions of where she has been forced to come out floridly as a globalist puppet instead of an otherwise pretty obviously reluctant NATO member; to wit: Refugees and Russia Sanctions. SERIOUSLY pissing off labor and management, workers and owners.

Unless the so-called "populist right" has someone damn dazzling, I think she chose the one course of action most likely to sit well enough with all Germans... which, by the way, is what national leadership is supposed to be about.

Still, everywhere I turn I am getting wildly conflicting opinions about her. The shit comparing her to Thatcher or to Hilldawg is repulsive. The shit about her being an avid servant to psychopath masters is repulsive. Very true that Germany is an occupied territory, and she'd done a pretty good job of making people forget that without incurring serious consequences for Germany... until Nosbaracktu was caught spying on her.

Then came the forced errors.

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