it's not the whole story

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But accurate enough to stand. I mean, offshoring manufacturing killed off the middle class, and reckless abandon with immigrants killed off the lower class. Just a quibble, I guess. The points at the end are inarguable by any reasonable adult. I know we're low on those, but... well... please.

I guess Q today has recovered from the undelivered booms of three weeks ago, and has broken the internet. It seems to be more campaign boosterism, so I don't give a damn.

The Democratic Party has come out as utterly transparently global fascist with absolutely NO intention to veer off its genocidal course, and since Trump has NOT taken any unequivocal steps in that direction, still deserves a chance.

NOT that you need me to tell you that, or any of the people at the breathtakingly popular campaign rallies he's held over the last many months. He's trounced every single one of the politicians on the other side every single time. That's putting it mildly. Their rallies have been ludicrously under-attended and his have all been fabulously over-attended, which, lest ye be swayed by media blather, is an unequivocal indicator of the solidarity of The People in support of him.

Yes, I do still get chills of horror at the notion of Karl Rove being under cover somewhere that will kill us all, but as best as we are allowed to discern, this is as good as it gets until something else unequivocally true presents itself.


Miscellany. Q only reminded everyone of the Hatch Act, when the penalty for it is only ever removal from federal government employment. Panting flat-earthers won't notice it being useless.

Discovered my bandeau remedy works as hoped, IF i put it on upside down. This puppy is made for young women with fake tits who need to be easily disrobable... but just put it on upside down and it helps keeps your not fake tits from flying around just fine. Good thing, because, as you know, I had to endure too much aggravation to try this.

Bret Weinstein, the dope who caused the big SJW stink at Evergreen, has made a decent point. Even though he's droning and could have made it much more quickly, at least it's a real point, which is too goddam rare out of our intellectuals these days.


I mean, if you ever wonder why I put so much stock in advanced antiquity, it's stuff like all the indian tribes we decimated to build this nation knowing never to make resource management decisions without taking into account their descendants' needs... out to seven generations... remnant of very high civilization. Maybe we think our technology is hot stuff, but our overall level of maturity and spiritual advancement is waaaaay behind a high civilizational minimum.

This is a devolution of humanity.

And we will be lucky if we avert another world war, let alone get some wisdom happening about the environment, or our politics. It is depressing to think about, but no way ever to come up to snuff if we don't think about it.

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