i don't understand you

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The president drew another monster crowd in El Paso last night, and it makes me cry happy tears to see it. Not for Trump, for the people. I wonder if it hadn't been for the mobs of enthusiastic kids if I would have voted for Nosbaracktu in 2008. I knew already he was going to disappoint bigly, and I had been frightened by the prospect of McCain winning, but wasn't afraid of that anymore by the time it came down to the vote.

The deciding factor had been about Martin, except I think Martin would have been rabidly campaigning against him, NOT for him... because, of course, the severe deficits in the content of his character.

But I am moved when I see such huge crowds coming out in support of anyone. Whether I think they're in for it or not. I love my country. ALL of it. Everyone in it. It's true I am not big on criminals and psychopaths and liars and pigs, and the love has a much sterner quality in those cases, but, in general, and, damn, I'm gobsmacked and thrilled by these crowds.

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