some will be disappointed

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But I believe it is a blessing.

If I were a hot shot physicist, I could work it out to say with 100% authority that the private physics has already more than covered the needs of humanity to go out and find another ideal planet. Like Jean Luc's ship, and I do mean at least as fancy and well-equipped. You can whine until yer dead about how unfair that is... leaving the rest of us with so little to hope for... but you will be forgetting what a magnificent place we still inhabit in order to do that.

Many extremely intelligent professionals of one stripe or another are already convinced we were last Martians before we were Earthlings, that our planet was killed, either in war or by cosmic catastrophe, and this one saved our sorry asses.

I have never thought Mars a worthy destination for humans.

I have thought that constructing ginormous spacecraft upon which generations of us can live happily for as long as it would take to find another paradise is the only INTELLIGENT way forward.

Depending on which reality you call your own, that's either still a dream or already happened, maybe even a few times over, but that DOES still leave us with a beautiful world to try to make even more wonderful.

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