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It's not pretty. Seriously.

And I can't figure out how a guy employed at the sanitation company since high school has been uninsured for a NOT REALLY pre-existing condition, or how Medi-Cal ever became involved... unless maybe there's a program to jump in whenever there is an insurance problem this consequential.

Obviously, the guy has needed treatment for quite a while, and somehow we're supposed to believe that not only his insurance coverage, but Medi-Cal, and his doctors and social services ALL fucked him on bureaucratic whims.

I know things are BAD out there, but something seems very fishy about this account.

For one, you do NOT get Medi-Cal unless you are seriously poor. He has a good-paying job, one would think, and still might be eligible because he has a wife and two kids and rents are high in coastal California, but Medi-Cal would NOT freeze his coverage for no cause, OR for cause, with a malignancy on his face spreading to lymph nodes.

The hospitals in California are severely strained by masses of uninsured aliens and the huge numbers of people who have recently lost everything, and not allowed to withhold treatment on account of lack of insurance or ability to pay.

So. SOMEWHERE in this mess there is a big problem with failure of adult mentation.

The account is thirdhand, so it might just be the neighbor who started the Go-Fund-Me had no firm grasp of the situation and Kym is just reporting going off that account, or we have intellectual and/or moral impairment gumming up the works.

I don't know. It's just SERIOUSLY crazy-making.

pipe up any time....