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Was finding out about remote viewing. It's one of the crown jewels of Out There and so how could I ignore it? Thing is, it's not "out there"; it's right here. We all have this ability, but it's maybe not so great a talent when used by people with little or no spiritual realization. This stuff should NEVER be used for impure purposes.

Everything in the whole world goes on the basis of true intent alone. That cannot be manipulated, though we constantly witness people trying to do just that. Your intent isn't pristine? And most people are not even aware they are capable of discerning that, let alone fixing their problems with ill-motivation. So don't go there until that's fixed.

I can't talk about this in any language without resorting to terms tainted by bliss ninnies and charlatans, but the truth is: humans come with the capacity to know directly everything. Everything.

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