i really want you guys to get the history straight

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Maybe you were paying closer attention back then than I was, even though I was very obviously paying more attention than most, but we did NOT lose in Vietnam. We lost in the United States of America, and somehow that's been disappeared in the collective memory over these decades intervening.

No. Really. Consider Colin Powell in light of the truth, his insistence that our military needed Desert Storm to restore its confidence, erase twenty years of demoralization. Our military did not lose that war. Disregarding as spilt milk that we NEVER belonged in it, that at least part of the reason JFK got his head shot off was precisely to kill 58,000 American troops, the REASON everyone thinks to this day that we lost that war is because the psychopaths were pissed at Nixon for ending it, and the Democrats wanted to make Republicans LOOK like warmongers.

Powell would have known this all along.

So add that to his little display with the phial of powder at the UN please.

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