maybe "family" was too far away

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Or maybe his senile half wanted them to stay that way.

Depressing, but I'm sure he didn't care.

It's raining pachyderms again today. 3.5" forecast. The wind kicked up around midnight and was darn obnoxious. It's less obnoxious now, but... sigh... I was just beginning to feel some optimism about the leaks drying up for a while. It hasn't really stopped raining, but it's been partly sunny on most of the rainy days and the wet things were going merely damp.

Also, another stove burner blew this morning. So I'm down to no oven and two blown burners. One broken toilet. Back door wired shut because it won't close or lock anymore. Mud room still soaking wet, but also with a hole chewed in one corner by one of the rats that moved here when the neighbors started ripping up their nests to prep for a patio.

I mean, that happened while I was in the hospital, and they'd gotten into my house, but I scared the crap out of them upon my return and most of them opted for more private accommodations, but... the one. It seems he liked too much his chances with the soggy construction in the mud room.

Can't leave my garbage bags out there awaiting a break in the rain to get them in the can or that fucker rips them open to drag out any food scraps and gnaw on them. He also ate the corner of my chic welcome mat to get in and try to pry open a container of RAT POISON that has been in the mudroom since I've lived here.

Fuckin' idiot didn't succeed. Goddammit.

Maybe I should open it and put it in a garbage bag for him.

I don't think I need to worry about the owls eating a poisoned rat anymore. The hullabaloo that drove the rats to my house also drove off the owls. They weathered the drastic tree trimming a few years back by using my side mirrors on my car, but this time I think they just said, "Fuck it," and flew away.


Well, and yesterday I got the bright idea to WD-40 my can opener to a pulp. My feet try to leave the floor from the amount of torque I try to create to get into cans. So I nuked that sucker, but I've been informed I ought to invest in one of these puppies, stop risking life and limb for access to smooshed pealed tomatoes, join the third millennium and countless relieved codgers.

I'm going to try to remember to do that if I ever dig out from extremely no money back to mildly no money.

pipe up any time....