thirty-six straight hours of pachyderms

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The rain just stopped about exactly after 36 hours of megafauna splatting everywhere, unrelentingly. There will be intermittent showers for a while, but I've then got a couple days of sun to try to pull myself back together before the next storm arrives.

Just checked all the leaking places, and MAYBE they were still swollen enough not to let any more water in. Can't always tell for sure around here.

Just a stupendous amount of rain for this time of year.

I think Odin is making up for all the fires and sick fish and trees... OR he's just winding up to bury us all in mud. Not like we don't deserve everything we're getting.


Looks as though it's really only my tip of California getting this. NO SHIT, man, mega-rain. Started at midnight on the 6th and didn't let up at all until noon today. Then started back up an hour later and has only taken ten or fifteen minutes between downpours since.

I say we'll end up with something like 15" from midnight the 6th to midnight the 8th.

pipe up any time....