this MAY be a lot more significant than you think

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Long-time denizens of these precincts will recall my intense distrust of the advent of DHS. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had not duplicated every service they had not just appropriated, but they did, and all in all it was one government department that could serve as replacement for all, or almost all, other government agencies.

The problems between ICE and DEA have been done to literal death. Horrific, and it all screams that DHS doesn't care if it kills Americans to accomplish its ends... and those don't look exactly American when you have considered it thoroughly.

I was especially unhappy about them appropriating the Secret Service from Treasury. You might think Treasury was a weird place for the Secret Service, but it was the perfect place for it... maybe not anymore... now that so many agents of oligarchs have been infiltrated everywhere power or influence come into play, but definitely before the consolidation of oligarch power over the last hundred years.

Over a decade ago, when I was first researching it, it looked like the perfect mechanism for a hostile takeover of our country. Now it begins to look like the perfect mechanism for swamp draining and shrinking the behemoth that's strangling us. If this latter is your wish or intention, playing hardball at DHS is good stuff, Maynard.

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