so bipartisan we could call it fusion

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But the whole country was busy being appalled by the Kavanaugh lunacy AND hardly anybody has the mental acumen to understand it, EVEN though Matt was carefully explaining it... and I imagine Admiral Janeway was learning about how all those trillions are really used, even if she's having too much fun to admit it... that the whole business that booted her out of HUD and then tried to jail her for developing tools to help people see actuality WILL not lose to the people, only exploit the prevailing weak-mindedness.

READ that goddam piece. You can't play with a full deck unless you do.

Then forgive the bowtie days to listen to the grownup making a point to us about the partisan divide.

Yes, they killed JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Paul Wellstone, and countless whistleblowers and journalists, and we all know why, but how many of us know HOW? Or cede the point that replacing us with a bunch of dirt ignorant brown people who will run instead of EVER stand suits ALL of them just fine.

It's millennia old and plain as the nose on your face and STILL you fall for it. I don't think this can be turned around by anything short of a second civil war, but you have to be clear that the CONSTITUTION has to win it... intact... or EVEN that will have only played into the hands of the globalist psychopaths.

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