we know we know we know

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It's not accidental. We know. It's the more galling if you take into consideration what Tucker had to say the other day. Don't get depressed.

I'm not depressed. I'm just being slammed by my sleep circus again. Naps taking me at ludicrous hours. Waking at useless ones. Just stolidly waiting out the biorhythmic log jam... again.

But you've got to face that they're taking advantage of your good nature, purposely amping up your compassionate streak to drown out your sense.

It's not political parties. It's not races. It's not white people. It's psychopaths.

You can't think up a constitutional amendment to cover this. You can't propose a new form of government or monetary system. Corruption is unfazed by ALL of your circular reasoning.


But, yeah, don't mind the typhus, we're concerned for your health.

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